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How To Build A Trap Base In Rust

How to Build 5 Of The Best Trap Bases In Rust

Hello, Trap bases have always been a tricky but huge thing in rust, today were going to go over why you might want to build a trap base, and how to build the best trap bases in the game. Lets get right into it.

What Is A Trap Base?

Trap bases are a little base designed in-order to trick other players into a trap. These bases tend to have false floors, windows with turrets, and a bunch of other methods used to trap people. There are hundreds of designs for trap bases but when you understand the basics, you can create your own designs.

Why would you want a trap base?

Well, to get straight to the point you would want a trap base to get more loot. A properly done trap base can be fairly easy to build and if its creative enough you can fool even the most veteran of players. These bases make pvp simple and allow you to take the risk out of the pvp. If you’re lucky enough to get onto a server where many people do not know about trap bases or how they work, you could be in for some massive loot with little to no effort. Another great reason to build a trap base is just for the good time around using one. It can create some very memorable experiences for the user, not so much for the victim.

The pros and cons of a Trap Base

These bases offer really easy loot. They are extremely cheap to create and let early game players get a edge on the end-game players. They also offer a hilarious experience in game as you trap players and get their reactions. Overall, if you’re just wanting to get some awesome look with minimal effort then, we recommend you create one of these base we have below. Trap bases really provide a fun experience while getting you tons of crazy end game loot. If you have not ever created a trap base its something we recommend you do at-least once.

Well, with every great thing in life there are a list of cons and you need to be warned about a few of them. Lets, start by saying if you trap a end-game player that lives close to you, chances are your trap base will get raided shortly after. While these bases off great looting capabilities they are not the most secure and tend to be best put into a open location for as many people as you can get to come get trapped. The chances of being raided in a trap base increase 10 fold, because people know there is tons of a loot in the base and they tend to be upset you may have trapped them. We highly recommend you have a MAIN base that is further away, and more fortified than the trap base. Using the trap base as only a area to get loot, and leave. Do not live in one as it will 100% get you raided the same day you put it up.

How To Build A Trap Base

Were going to include of a few of the best tutorials we found for how to build a trap base in rust below, these are handpicked so they’re simple to understand. Yes, we know there are more on the internet but we wanted to make sure our readers understood the basics of a trap base. Just make sure you are already grinding out some spare resources, remember we still recommend you only create one of these after having a main area to move the loot to and hide out in.


Before, you start building a trap base you should watch the videos below and get a feeling for the design you’re going for. You don’t have to follow the designs below 100%, but we do recommend it for your first trap base. These designs work well, but as they are on the internet some people will not fall for them, and that’s where you need to edit them enough to trick more players. Design is pretty simple with just creating a turret in a tricky spot, trapping people between doors, and false floors that fall out from under the victim.


For trap bases, we really think you should put them somewhere that has a lot of foot traffic from middle tier players, you don’t want to put the base where nothing but noobs are, you’ll get noob gear. So make sure when picking a location you pick the perfect spot, as this is going to increase the amount of players you can trap.

The Trap

There is a few ways to trap players, but you have to be sneaky with it. One of the best ways is to simply loose a fight to someone on purpose and as they come to look you they will get trapped in the floor. Another, great way is to pretend like you’re raiding the base yourself and someone will come help to only fall victim to the trap. False floor bases require a little more patience as you should wait for all the players in a group to enter the trap before dropping the floor.

Trap Base Tutorial

R-Chams Efficient Killing Trap Base

Credit to R-Chams on youtube.

This trap base is one of the better we’ve seen. This base is created by Rchams The base traps its victims and its a super simple quick death. This base is a bit more expensive than the other trap bases but is defiantly one of the most efficient with how it kills the players.

Skidd’s Cheap False Floor Trap

Credit To Skidd On Youtube

Skidd built this base, and as you can see from his other videos using his bases are quite hilarious. These bases are very simple, and don’t require a ton of resources to build. This is a false floor trap base, which is one of the more efficient designs in trap bases.

PrinceVids False Floor Trap Base

Credit to PrinceVids On Youtube

This is yet another simple bases created by PrinceVids. This base is a fairly simple design, but instead of a false floor someone shoots the victims from underneath a bookshelf. Now there is a recommendation of turrets on a certain part as people can hide there. This base works really well with two people, as it was designed in mind for him and his friend for one of their trap series.

Dean Central’s quick and cheap Trap Base

Credit To Dean Central On YouTube

This is one of the quicker and cheap trap base designs, it was built By Dean Central who does a great job of explaining the base to you. This base is small, and efficient. This is a double door trap bases, so the base does have some extra risk with them killing you but they are stuck forever so you have plenty of time to kill them. This base is defiantly one you would not wanna live out of.

Modgey’s extensive vending machine trap base

Credit To Modgey On Youtube

Modgey built this trap base, this one is a bit extensive but its a super great design to fool players with. Its a vending machine trap base, and you really can’t tell its a trap base. While offline the trap base fully functions as a proper little vending machine shop. Although, we still recommend you live in a trap base you’re using to trap players on the regular. This design works great with a flame turret, but the head glitch he creates makes it very easy to do this without a turret.

Get to trapping

Its time for you to actually go build a trap base and get into the trapping business. We hope our article helped you choose a design and understand the bad sides of building these trap bases. If you get any awesome look from one of the designs feel free to submit clips to us on the main page, and we will post them to our social media. Now, enjoy your trap base.

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