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How To Set Zeroing Distance In Battlefield 5

Setting the zero distancing in battlefield 5 is not as upfront as the other games use to be. Although, it is still very simple. I do think its a tad bit unnecessary and sorta kills the vibe for anyone wanting to snipe long range instead of close up, as you also have a very hard time seeing were your bullets land in this game.

How to Set Zeroing Distance  

The image above shows you where you can set the ability for changing the zeroing in battlefield 5. You have to do a few things before you can get to this point. 

You need to get your weapon to level 5, after this the zeroing distance perk will cost you 750 scrap. You can find this screen by going into the customization area for your sniper of choice.

How to Change The Zeroing Distance

This one is also tricky, they keep changing core mechanics of the game. All you have to do is click and hold Y on Xbox, and triangle on Ps4. You press V on Pc to change it. 

Were not sure why they have to keep making so many little and irrating changes in these games, but now you know. We hope this ups your sniping game a little bit. 

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