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How To Get Your Own Vertibird In Fallout 76

Lets Get a Vertibird!

Today, I’m going to show you the step by step method to get YOUR OWN VERTIBIRD! You can’t fly this Vertibird but,  It does provide you support in heavy fights, and it does not go down as easy as you might think. Its a pretty neat feature and its extremely easy to get this multiple times. 

Location : Grafton Steel Yard

How to Get a Vertibird in fallout 76? Well, Its pretty easy. All you have to do is travel up north to Grafton Steel Yard and proceed to clear the area out. Be careful though, as the Super-mutants from the actually plants will come attack you and there is a LOT of Super Mutants in this area. 

Once you’ve cleared the area, go ahead and go over to the huge helipad. Its located right outside and its pretty impossible to miss. Go into build mode, and repair the helipad and a Vertibird of your own will spawn. Pretty neat right? 

This workshop, also gives you access to lead, steel, and a few other resources around the area you can mine. After you get the Vertibird you will go to the yellow box on the helipad and pick up some signal beacons for the Vertibird so it can come and support you in battle. 

Things to note

  • Mid Level Area
  • Tons of Super Mutants
  • Cost 30 caps to unlock the workshop
  • You Can’t Fly The Vertibird.


This is a pretty neat way to get your own vertibird in fallout 76, we hope you get the chances to pull this out in a battle you get into. For more methods on fallout 76, check out our guides section or just search fallout 76. 

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