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How To Farm Unlimited Wood In Fallout 76

How to Farm Unlimited Wood In Fallout 76

Fallout 76 can be a harsh game for gathering resources, we here at S2TP plan to help you out with that. Below you’re going to find the best method for farming wood in fallout 76, and if you visit our guides section we have even more of the best methods you can use to give yourself a chance at surviving the wasteland.

Sylvie & Sons Location On Fallout 76 Official Map
location of Sylvie & Sons Logging Camp on Map

Sylvie and sons is located towards the top middle of the map. This location is the best location in fallout 76 for getting unlimited wood. You can harvest around 300-500 wood at this location. Its all close together, making for easy access to the wood. This Location is not that known, so the chances of you running into other players is very slim!

How to Farm The Wood

Farming the wood is fairly simple, There are wood piles all around this area. Just walk up to them and press the button relative to your system. You will get around 10-20 wood per pile. There are piles on both sides of the northern tent, and a few are in the back of the rusty truck beside the tent with the original piles. There is also some downed trees beside the location.

In order to make this a true unlimited wood farm, it has to be repeatable and it is. All you have to do to respawn all the wood at this location is to switch severs by exiting to the main menu and pressing play to get into a new server. This will let you farm this area for wood as much as you’d like.

Other Goodies in this location

Rusty Truck with wood in the back at Sylvie and sons
Rusty Truck With Wood In The Back

There are some other little things this location offers for its users, There have been multiple times I’ve came to farm some wood and found a few recipes. They have been found next to the cooking station beside the tent, and inside the tents. I’ve only had animals spawn here as well, so you can stack up on food by farming this location.

Fallout 76 Wood Farming Locations

  • Downed trees in the wood
  • Lumber Yards found around the map
  • Scraping weapons
  • Scrap armor 
  • Scrapyards

The best place to find wood from just downed trees is around vault 76. The vault is a low level area so you won’t be fighting a bunch of things you cant kill quickly. This allows for optimal wood gathering.

Fallout 76 Woodchucker Perk

This is for the people who need serious wood. The Woodchucker  perk gives you double the wood for harvesting, I highly recommend you get this perk which only cost 1 luck. The perk becomes available at a very low level, meaning you can acquire it fairly easily. 

Fallout 76 wood farming is not that hard. Now that you’ve became a little beaver you might need to start thinking about ammo and power armor, do not worry we have you covered. Checkout our article on how to farm shotgun shells in fallout 76.

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