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How to Farm Shotgun Shells In fallout 76

How to Farm Shotgun Shells In Fallout 76

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How To Farm Shotgun Shells In Fallout 76

Blackwater Mine is a incredible place to farm shotgun shells, Shotguns, and Power Armor. The Mine location does have pretty strong enemies but its level bound, so doing this solo should be pretty easy. This method will get you hundreds of shotgun rounds, and some decent power armor quickly. These Mole Miners also drop tons of shotguns that you can use to get more mods for your shotguns. Its by far the best location to get 

How to Farm Blackwater Mine

Here are the steps to make this farm work perfectly and to get you on your way to hundreds of shotgun shells quickly.

You should only use melee for this method for the simple reason you’re trying to get shotgun shells, and using the shells would be wasteful. The mole Miners here are level bound and super easy to kill with any base melee weapon with no boost.

How to Farm Efficiently 

All you need to do to farm this area efficiently is simple

  • Spawn & Enter the area
  • Clear out all enemies and take their loot
  • Leave the sever and login to a new one.
  • Repeat

Like I said before, its defiantly the most simple shotgun ammo, and shotgun farm in the game.

Where is the power armor? 

The Power Armor is the exact same method to farm as the shells. Mainly raider armor spawns here, in a small building in the middle of the mine area. You will also find the occasional mod for power armor at this location, usually in the locations or on the weapons workbench.

This method will help you stack ammo, and weapon mods. We hope you enjoy it. Comment and let us know how it worked for you. This is the best location to farm shotgun ammo, and shotguns. 

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