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How To Farm Plans In Fallout 76

How to Farm Plans In Fallout 76

Are you tired of trying to find plans in fallout 76? Well, we have you covered. Farming plans is super simple, we’re going to show you multiple ways to farm camp plans, armor plans, weapon plans and much more. These methods can be done at any level, and solo.

How to Farm Camp Plans In Fallout 76


Workshops are all across the map in Fallout 76. There are actually 22 workshops in Fallout 76. These workshops mainly work as a camp for larger groups of players and provide extra resources to whoever takes them over. 

This Method is fairly simple. You can farm plans extremely quick by picking one workshop in an area with a lower population. After you have chosen the workshop you like. Proceed to clear the area of all enemies. Then claim the workshop, This will give you rare resources, and provide you with a camp plan every single time you do so

This method is easy to repeat, all you have to do after claiming the workshop is log out of the server and then log back into the server. This will reset the workshop to be claimed again. The only issue you can run into doing this method is someone else might already own the workshop. If this is the case just logout and find another server. 

This will save you thousands of caps in the long run, and provide you with all the camp plans in the game. It’s not the fastest but, it’s the best method to get camp plans in Fallout 76.

There are also certain events you can do to get certain plans, we have not been able to play enough to find all of these events. There is one notable one though, the events to power up any nuclear plant will give you a plan for a generator. Pretty useful early on if you’re lucky enough to get a plan for a nuclear generator. 

How To Farm Weapon and Amour Plans in Fallout 76


Events are the best way to farm weapon and amour plans in Fallout 76. These events always drop a plan at the end, no matter what the event is or how easy it is. Most of the time it is a weapon or amour plan, although it can be a camp plan as well. If you want to find better plans, you should defiantly start farming events. It’s also a great source of experiance.

The event Patrol Duty and JailBreak have a 100% chance to drop a weapon plan. They are located at the Eastern Regional Penitentiary. These will give you a weapon blueprint every time you complete them. They also drop handmade rifle blueprints quite frequently. You can repeat these events if you switch to another server until you find the event.

Location : Vendor in Harpers Ferry

This vendor is always packed full of plans. It is also one of the few vendors who can have handmade rifle plans. Buying plans is a bit more costly, but we recommend you buy plans that are extremely rare and focus on farming the other plans. You should never buy plans that are just mods. Mods are to easy to come by, just demolishing the weapon even if that weapon does not have any mods on it. 

Do note, the vendor is easy to get to, the vendor is in the east side of the town just between the first street of houses you see. You can fight all the super mutants that spawn here but if you’ re just trying to find some good plans, you can easily avoid most of them. 

How to Farm Recipes In Fallout 76

Farming recipes is a little different than farming other plans in fallout. There isn’t any concrete way to farm them, but they are easily found. The best way to find recipes is to just explore the wasteland. You will come across players with outdoor cooking sets or kitchens that have a plan at them. If you look closely, almost every decent sized area has a few recipe plans. They are the easiest to find in Fallout 76.


These are the best methods to farm plans and more in Fallout 76. If you follow them, I gurentee you’ll have more plans than you know what to do with. For more fallout 76 guides, check out our guides section on our site.

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