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How To Farm Black Titanium In Fallout 76

How to Farm Black Titanium in Fallout 76

When you need this resource, you realize its a absolute pain to gather. We’re about to fix that for you. In this article you’re going to find the best three methods of getting Black Titanium, and I guarantee you do not know all three. These methods will range from low level, to high level. 

What is Black Titaium?

Black Titanium is a rare resource in Fallout 76. It is mainly used in the creation of high level power armor mods. It is also used to create the best power armor for weight in the game. The excavator power armor which drastically increases carry weight. The only negative to this armor is it seems to be provide less Resistance.

How to Farm Black Titanium 

Below, We are going to go over the top three ways to farm Black Titanium in Fallout 76 as quickly and as easily as possible. We will go in depth, as to the pros and cons of each area. Giving you all the information you need to choose a farming path to take. 

Location : Blackwater Mine 

This is the best way to farm Black Titanium in Fallout 76. All you have to do is unlock this area, and be around level 20 to do it efficient. This area is full of mole miners, and they drop something called “Miner Suit Scrap” each of these dropped will scrap down into one Black Titanium.  I recommend clearing the outside of the mine, and then proceed to clear the inside. 

When you enter the mine you should go down the mine, and take the first left you encounter. There will be a ton of mole miners this direction, and from my experience they do not spawn towards the right. Also to note, there is a event that spawns in this mine called “Uranium Fever“. This event will spawn even more of the mole miners giving you Black Titanium, but it will also give you 3 legendary Mole Miners to kill, plans, and countless shotguns as you complete it. 

To repeat this method, as many times as you want. All you have to do is logout, and go to another server. Everything will respawn. You can farm this for a few hours to get hundreds of Black Titanium.

Things to know

  • 10-20 Black Titanium Per run
  • Best for levels 20+
  • Repeatable.
  • Location Also Includes Shotguns, Shotgun shells, Plans, Mods, and Much More to Farm as You Farm Black Titanium.
  • Best Method to Farm Black Titanium in Fallout 76

Location : Welch

This is not a repeatable farming method, but it is pretty okay for getting some easy Black Titanium. All you have to do is find the vending machines in the ruins. This will give you mining maps, which will take you to the location of Black Titanium and other resources, like bottle caps. There are three maps, coming to a costly 300 caps. I recommend this method to anyone with a little bit of extra caps who does not need a ton of Black Titanium. You will find 10-20 Black Titanium per map.

Things to know

  • Not Repeatable
  • Fairly Easy To Do
  • High Level Area
  • Cost 300 Caps
  • 10 – 20 Per Map

Location : North of Mothman Museum On a Island

Legendary Deathclaws, are a good way to farm out some Black Titanium. It’s one of the harder methods due to the fact you have to kill LEGENDARY DEATH CLAWS but for anyone with a good character build can kill these pretty easily. The Deathclaws will drop 1-4 Black Titanium, as well as that Delicious Deathclaw meat. This is a lower level area tho, so the Deathclaws may not be to difficult to kill.

Things to Note

  • Deathclaws Hurt
  • Low Level Area 
  • Gives Great Food
  • Easy To Get To


These are the best ways to farm Black Titanium in fallout 76. Follow any of these three methods and you’ll be stacking up on Black Titanium in a short time. We do recommend out of all our methods to use the first method. Its easiest and the best return on investment for your time.

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