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13 Gaming Setups You wish You Had for 2020!

The Best Gaming Setups You’ll Ever See

In this article, you’re going to see 13 of the best gaming setups you’ve ever see. These setups were handpicked by our staff. Who took a lot of time finding the best gaming setups, and even a few of the most outrageous ultimate gaming setups to showcase to you. Lets dive in! (These Post are in no order)

ElicitCS’s Gaming Setup #1

purple car on wall gaming setup
Purple Car Gaming Setup

This setup is all about the aesthetic of the room, from the car hanging from the wall all the way to how the purple lighting makes you feel. You can tell he has great taste in design. There is also a image of this room in the day time, and its equally as nice with more of a black coloring than a purple.

Azyv’s Gaming Setup #2

Simplistic floating  monitor gaming setup

This setup is a bit more relaxed, we really like how simple it is. From the wall art to the desktop image this gaming setup gives us a chill vibe. The floating monitor is a nice touch too!

BokeMoke’s Gaming Setup #3

Awesome Large Blue Gaming Room
Awesome Large Blue Gaming Room

The Ultimate Gaming Setup, a whole room dedicated to one look. This is definitely one of our more favorite gaming setups. This is a room I think most of us really wish we could have in our houses.We had to include this beauty in our 21 best gaming setups post. He said he also uses this setup for music, and we can see why.

Pneub’s Gaming Setup #4

full room gaming setup with fall colors
Full Room, Gaming Setup with fall feel.

Once again a full room gaming setup, its so clean and gives such a warm vibe to it. We here are S2TP really liking the full room designs for this list. This is another great example of how to do a computer room the right way. 

Docordflo’s Gaming Setup #5

Red Chinese Style Gaming Setup Ultimate
Red Chinese Style Gaming Setup

This is another example of how color can really make your setup standout. The red and white marble look is one of the nicest we’ve see yet. The marble desk is a custom desk made just for this gaming setup, You wont find any other Gaming setup like this. From the art to the computer tower, we really enjoy this gaming setup.

Mradorable87’s Gaming Setup #6

Orange slick gaming setup

This one is amazing, possibly the best gaming setup on this list. It looks like something you’d see as an ad. The person behind this does a great job of putting his colors together from inside the computer all the way to his keyboard. A Perfect setup if you ask us. The person who owns this setup said it took him 7 years to replace his old rig

Marksmanguy’s Gaming Setup #7

A gaming setup that rocks! Just look at the computer on the wall, this guy has 3 computers they’re all setup perfectly (most amazing by the one on the wall). This setup would be a dream of all of us, and would look amazing lights on or off. This defiantly hits the table as a ultimate gaming setup.

Mrtoothpick’s Gaming Setup #8

We added this gaming setup, due to the fact its a his and hers setup. It looks amazing, and the color coordinating of  the who’s side is who’s is a great concept. Also how its on a ledge above the balcony adds some aesthetic factors to it. This is defiantly a neat gaming setup to go after if your in a gaming relationship.

Xphnctre’s Gaming Setup #9

Incredibly INSANE! It’s a whole room designed around steampunk for a great looking gaming room. We have not seen a room like this before, going away from the modern and clean vibe directly into the dark and punk vibe. Its a great turn of events and this one is 100% a Ultimate gaming setup.

Beaulook’s Gaming Setup #10

Beaulook’s setup is a hidden one, and it makes us want it even more. This setup gives off a cool spy feel, as its hidden behind a closet in plain site. The overall style of this is also very nice, the colors blend well and the curving of the monitors give it a beautiful appearance to the eyes. Guess we know why this guys name is Beaulook. This is a excellent gaming setup.

Rikosteo’s Gaming Setup #11

The following setup was added due to simplicity, its great to look at, and the dark colors really appeal to the eye. This is a simple but lovely design for a gaming setup that anyone can accomplish without breaking the banking. Making it a fairly cheap gaming setup. Perfect for the home office. 

Pradalaskan’s Gaming Setup #12

A prime example of how location, and color can be key in your gaming setup. The background of the city makes this simple setup go to the next level, and there is also two cats, so extra points there. Overall this gaming setup gives off a cool vibe and we’re sure its most perfect while its raining.

Scottemzz’s Gaming Setup #13

ULTIMATE GAMING SETUP! This Setup is extra clean and has everything you could want it. It has a nice sized TV, computers and a solid color scheme. We saved this one for last due to how great we really thought it was. Its also a basement setup, which is pretty cool with the high window on the side. 

A Few More Things

There are a few items seen in the pictures above over and over again, we thought you might be wondering what they are and where to buy them so we went ahead and created this list. (Click The Red Links To See Products) We will keep adding to this list as time progresses so you can start building your own gaming setup. 

  • LED BackLights $12.95
  • Large Mouse Pad  $29.99

If you’d like to submit a gaming setup to be added to this list please do so by searching “s2tp” on Facebook and messaging us there. Thank you! We hope you enjoyed our collection of best gaming setups.

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