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Fortnite: How to get free v-bucks

We’re going to start this guide off by saying, every single way to get free v-buck is a scam. There is no way to get free v-bucks outside of the actually Fortnite games. Unless epic games provides a way, which is very unlikely to happen.

If you google “how to get free v-bucks” you will run into a ton of these scams. They all require you complete a survey to prove you’re real. These survey or offers can be nearly impossible to complete. When you do finish one, you’ll be asked how many v-bucks you want. Now, ask yourself it this was real, wouldn’t everyone just choose the highest value of v-bucks? After you choose, they will go through a pretty process of pretending like the v-bucks was sent to your account, but this is never going to happen because these websites are scams. Even the ones with thousands of “real” reviews.

How To Get Free V-bucks

The only way at the moment to actively get free bucks in the game, is not exactly free but it pays off long term. Its the save the world mode. The mode goes on sale often, but the base price is $40.00 USD. This game mode will be free eventually, but why make something free when v-bucks being bought over and over again produce a ton of revenue for epic games.

Once you have bought this part of the game, you will receive access to a decent amount of quest and a main story line. These daily quest will let you get around 50 or so v-bucks per day. This may not seem like a lot, but this amount will get you the season pass free every month.

You can also complete the story line itself, You’re going to net yourself around 1000 v-bucks for fully completing the quest line. Another great way to get free v-bucks is by completing Fortnites challenges they come out with.

The Season Pass

If you play a lot, then you’re in a lot of luck. Once you get the season pass one time, you can keep earning the season pass for free by playing and reaching the max tiers. If you do this, you’ll make more v-bucks than you spent getting the season pass.

We hope this guide stopped you from getting scammed by one of those rewards sites. We also, hope it gave you some insight on how getting free. v-bucks actually works, and lets you start getting on the season pass train ride.

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