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Fallout 76: Where to find Scorchbeast

Finding these beast in game may be difficult for lower level players. Scorchbeast are a very common creature to see flying around at certain locations on the map. We’re going to go over how you can find as many as you could ever want.

Location – Cranberry Bog

cranberry bog location fallout 76

If you go anywhere in the Cranberry Bog, but mainly the southern areas you’re going to find a ton of Schorchbeast. When you encounter the beast, it’s best you’re prepared to fight them as they come in numbers and can be rather strong.

How to prepare to Fight

You are going to need a few things in order to fight a Schorchbeast.

  • A solid set of armor or Power Amor
  • A good Character Build (see our builds by clicking here)
  • A good weapon
  • Plenty of Heals

If you have all 4 of those, killing these beast should be rather easy. We also think you should be higher level before attempting to fight one. You can kill them as a lower level but the resource drain would not be worth the fight.

They rarely land, so if you use a melee build you’re going to have to do a lot of dodging to stay alive. The less than great targeting system the A.I. uses makes dodging attacks almost impossible, so prepare to be hit quite a lot.

We hoped this guide has helped you take on one of the beast. Comment and let us know if you have anymore questions, or insight to add. Check out our other guides section for even more fallout 76 guides.

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