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Fallout 76: Where to Find Hazmat Suits

Finding hazmats suits in Fallout 76 is rather simple. This guide is going to be sweet and short.

You will need to be able to fight off some Super Mutants that are a relatively high level. You’ll also need to be able to travel down south, to a more high level area of Fallout 76.

Location : Federal Disposal Field HZ-21

Fallout 76 map location Federal Disposal Field HZ-21

This is a workshop location, but it’s rarely claimed or explored so finding these suits should be rather easy. Once you are here, you just need to clear out the enemies in the main building of the area. You will walk inside and after you go through the front door, there is a table with 3 hazmat suits on it. There will also be 3 hazmat suits inside of a few lockers on the left side after you enter.

We hope this short guide helped you find a brand new hazmat suit.

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