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Fallout 76: Uranium Fever Event Guide

Fallout 76: Uranium Fever Guide

Uranium Fever is an event in Fallout 76. This event requires you turn on some uranium extractors and kill a bunch of mole miner men. We’re going to go over the exacts of this event.

Location – Blackwater Mine

Uranium Fever Event Location Fallout 76

To start this event, you have to speak to the robot outside of the mine. For some reason you tend to have to interact with him twice. He will eventually give you some sorta access. After you go into the mine, you have to go all the way down until you see a door way on the right side. Go into the nuclear extractor room and access the computer to start the extraction process. Once the even starts, you will have to fight off the mole miner men that try to attack the extraction units.

Things to Note

There are a few things to note while doing this event. There will be three legendaries total that come out during this event every-time. They drop a max level legendary item of 40. You also can not get 100% on the extraction process, but around 75% will give you the rewards for completing the event.

We hope this helped you with doing this event. If you’d like to see more guides for Fallout 76, check out our guides section.

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