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Fallout 76: How To Unlock All Turrets For Your Camp

Fallout 76: How To Unlock All Turrets For Your Camp

Basic turrets in fallout 76's camps mode.

Unlocking all turrets for a camp is fairly easy, this guide will not cover traps. For traps, you need to find the plan and have all of the required perks, while turrets are more straightforward. Beware, even with high-end turrets, a lot of animals in this game like scorched beast can destroy your camp with ease.

How to Unlock All Turrets For Your Camp

To unlock all the turrets in fallout 76 for your camp, you need to have the perks associated with those turrets. Once you have those unlocked, you have to equip them to be able to craft the turrets. The high tier turrets do require power in-order to opperate. Below we have included a list of every turret and the requirments to unlock it

Turrets In fallout 76 and requirpments to unlock them

  1. Machine Gun Turret – Requires – Nothing
  2. Heavy Machine Turret – Requires – Home Defense 2
  3. Laser Turret – Requires – Home Defense 3 & Science 1
  4. Shotgun Turret – Requires – Home Defense 1
  5. Rocket Turret – Requires – Home Defense 3
  6. Spotlight – Requires – Home DefenseĀ 

This was a fairly simple guide to get some understanding of how the camp turrets work. We hope this helped you figure it out, it can be confusing due to the fact most objects in camp require plans but the turrets do not.

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