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Fallout 76: How to Farm Springs

Fallout 76: How to Farm Springs

Farming springs in Fallout 76 is important. Springs are used in plenty of high-end weapon mods, power amor sets, and other workshop items. In this guide we’re going to show you how to farm hundreds of springs per hour. This method does require you have a decent character build to be able to kill about 30 robots. Sometimes even a legendary robot.

Location : Sugar Grove

This is the location where you’re going to get 40-50 springs per run. It’s a fairly mid-level location. You will have to go through this location, and find all the clipboards you can. There is about 25 clipboards found in the main rooms of the building on-top of desk, and sometimes in them.

Once you reach the end of this area, there is a shelf near the large map on the wall. This is where you’re going to find about 10 clipboards, as-well as plenty of items that give you decent resources for the time spent doing this method.

All you have to do to repeat this method is log-out of the server you’re in. Then just login to a new server, and repeat the process.

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