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Fallout 76: How To Farm Adhesive

Fallout 76: How To Farm Adhesive

There are two easy methods to get mass amounts of adheasive with little to no effort. Below we’re going to show you fully how to complete both of these methods so that you can have as much adhesive as your heart desires.

Farming Adhesive In Fallout 76

vegetable starch cost in fallout 76

You can actually create a farm in your camp to grow adhesive. This is not hard to get going. It just requires you to find a few wild plants, and replant them. 

Everything you need to start this farm

  1. Corn
  2. Tato’s
  3. Mutfruit
  4. Water Purfifer

First, Go ahead and get the water purifiers producing purified water. Once this has started, search out to find all the wild plants. There are a number of farms around the map that tend to have these available. After finding them, you need to plant equal numbers of these plants, in increments of two. 

Example – Two corn, Two Mutfruit, and Two Tato’s. This will give you a full serving of vegetable starch that can be turned into adhesive.  

Now you can grow all the adhesive you need. This will keep a steady supply coming as you progress though the game. 

Where to Find Adhesive

giant pitcher plant in fallout 76

Finding adhesive can be a bit more of a risk. The best way we found to find adhesive is to go down to the cranberry bog part of the map. This part of the map is located in the bottom right corner above the “West Virginia” sign.

Once you find this area, go ahead and look for a plant called a “Giant Pitcher Plant” These plants will give you 4 adhesive every time you open them. Do be warned that if you come to the plant directly it will blow toxic gas in your face. These plants are spread out across this area.

How To Get Even More Adhesive

green thumb perk card in fallout 76

For both of these methods we recommend the perk “Green Thumb” This perk will double all of the plants you pick up. This means double the adhesive just by equipping a perk.

We hope these methods helped you get some adhesive. To see more great Fallout 76 methods, please check out our guides section.

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