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Fallout 76: How to Buy Mutations

If you want mutations, without the hassle of farming them, buying mutations is the best bet. You can buy from certain vendors or you can buy from other places. The cheapest way would be to buy them from players, but we’re going to show you both.

Location – The Whitespring Bunker

(Spoiler Alert) Buying here will require you start the enclaves quest line. After you gain access to the vault you can go to the science wing. In the science wing you can buy multiple mutations. These tend to be a little expensive. They cost around 4800 without the barter perk, and around 3800 with the barter perk. If you’re interested in that perk it is called “insert perk name” and cost 3 charisma points.

Buying Mutations From Other Players

This is by far the best way to buy mutations. You can haggle players down to fractions of the cost that buying from a vendor would cost. Serums have been as low as 500 caps each when buying from other players. The best way to find players is by posting onto trading reddits, using looking for group options built into platforms, and using facebook groups. We can’t keep up to date with the best ones so we recommend researching a little before joining one.

We hope this method helped you start buying mutations. Check out our other Fallout 76 Guides.

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