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Fallout 76: Best Locations to Drop a Nuke

Fallout 76: Best Locations to Drop a Nuke

So you’re about to drop a nuke, or maybe you’re tired of dropping useless nukes. There are two main places to drop a nuke that are beneficial to the player. We’re going to go over those two locations.

Location – The Whitespring Golf Club

whitespring golf club map location

This is by far the best location to drop a nuke if you plan on farming legendaries. It will spawn in multiple legendary glowing ghouls.

To farm this area, you need to either have a friend keep leaving the server and coming back or walk around the area clearing out each part of golf course. This is the most common legendary farming spot though, so players will flock to this area if a nuke is dropped.

You need to have a decent build, and weapons to farm this area. We recommend the perk glow sighted, this will give you 30% more damage to glowing creatures. Every creature you’re going to see in this area will be glowing.

Location – Fissure Prime Site

If you nuke this area, you’re going to need to bring a lot of friends with you. This is a boss nuke location that spawns in the Scorchedbeast Queen. The queen will drop rare ultracite plans, and the legendaries she spawns while fighting her, will give you plenty of legendaries.

If you’re planning on fighting the queen, you need high-end weapons. We recommend farming the golf club until you get 2 shot, and explosive weapons. You will need multiple people with great gear, and weapons to help you fight the queen. After you kill the Queen, this area does become rather useless as it stops spawning legendaries.

We hope this guide has helped you choose a location to nuke, for more guides check out our guides section.

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