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Fallout 76: List of Every Recipe In The Game

Trying to figure out what recipes you might be missing can be a struggle, below were going to include a full list of the 123 recipes that are currently available in the game. We will continue to update this list as time moves forwards, so feel free to bookmark it.  List

Fallout 76 – Melee Build: All-Day-Up-In-Yo-Face

So you think your character's S.P.E.C.I.A.L.? So after a month of playing this game, I've decided to share my build in this guide focusing on an up in your face Fallout 76 melee build. For this build, I am using One-handed weapons (Gladiator) if Two-handed weapons are your thing, switch to (Slugger) and this will work great

Fallout 76: List of Every Plan In The Game

 Recently a Reddit user did a data dump to find all the plans in Fallout 76. We have provided the list that was originally found by Reddit user lnodiv. This list is extremely long. If you're looking for ways to farm these plans we recommend our guide on farming plans in

Fallout 76: How To Farm Adhesive

Fallout 76: How To Farm Adhesive There are two easy methods to get mass amounts of adheasive with little to no effort. Below we're going to show you fully how to complete both of these methods so that you can have as much adhesive as your heart desires. Farming Adhesive In Fallout

Fallout 76: How To Unlock All Turrets For Your Camp

Fallout 76: How To Unlock All Turrets For Your Camp Unlocking all turrets for a camp is fairly easy, this guide will not cover traps. For traps, you need to find the plan and have all of the required perks, while turrets are more straightforward. Beware, even with high-end turrets, a

Fallout 76: How To Keep Mutations

Fallout 76: How To Keep Mutations Are you tired of constantly losing your mutations? Well, there is an easy fix for this. Follow this simple method below so that you can keep all your mutations, and make your character that much better. What Are Mutations? For those of you who don't know what

How To Farm Ammo In Fallout 76

How to Farm Ammo In Fallout 76 There are some great ways to farm ammo in Fallout 76, we are going to show you 3 ways we think are the best. Following this guide will make sure you have enough ammo to take down any monster Fallout 76 has to offer.

How To Set Zeroing Distance In Battlefield 5

Setting the zero distancing in battlefield 5 is not as upfront as the other games use to be. Although, it is still very simple. I do think its a tad bit unnecessary and sorta kills the vibe for anyone wanting to snipe long range instead of close up, as you

How To Farm Plans In Fallout 76

How to Farm Plans In Fallout 76 Are you tired of trying to find plans in fallout 76? Well, we have you covered. Farming plans is super simple, we're going to show you multiple ways to farm camp plans, armor plans, weapon plans and much more. These methods can be done

How To Get Your Own Vertibird In Fallout 76

Lets Get a Vertibird! Today, I'm going to show you the step by step method to get YOUR OWN VERTIBIRD! You can't fly this Vertibird but,  It does provide you support in heavy fights, and it does not go down as easy as you might think. Its a pretty neat feature